“Why this man has has decided to publish by himself! What folly!”

Has anyone ever told you that your dreams were a waste of time? That your dream was just too big? I get that. As a new writer who aspires to publish, self or other, I really understand that feeling of dejection. That feeling where it seems that publishing is impossible.The funny thing is, that’s a lie. It’s more possible now than ever.

Technology has given writers the ability to do more than just print for vanity. It has given us the ability to thrive in our craft. The weird thing is too many writers don’t know where to start. We decided to create a place where they could. The DC Anthologies.

One of the core goals of the Anthologies is to expose new writers to two things:

1. The Self-Publishing Process
It can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, and all the members of the Collective (both new and seasoned writers) actively reach out not just to help each other write, but to learn how to self-publish. From writing techniques, critiquing partners, writing sprints, publishing advice and more, the group offers new writers a place of encouragement, safe support and a network to actually make a book happen.

2. The Satisfaction of being Published
There’s nothing like seeing your work professionally printed. It’s almost addictive! The Collective members who are organizing the Anthologies know this, and that’s why we’ve adopted the mantra “PUBLISH NOW. NOT LATER.” Sometimes the biggest motivation a writer can have is knowing that their work WILL be published. Not maybe or someday, there is a date and a place, and they have to deliver. There is a tangible goal at the end of the race.

But mostly, the Anthologies were created to take the fear out of self-publishing for the first time, and to give writers the opportunity to see their work reach readers (without the risk of doing it all out of publishing out of pocket).

So many talented hands have come together to pull this off, we can’t believe what we are going to be able to achieve in only 11 months time. This year, the book themes are about fight, struggle and overcoming odds, whether internal or external. How many of you can identify with that?

Sometimes it’s our own heads that get in the way of getting our writing, the doubt, the feeling like we have nothing really important to say. Sometimes it’s people telling us that we have no business writing, that we don’t have the education or the experience.

The DC Anthologies are about quelling all the internal voices that negate the hope of publishing and creating a way for that hope to become a reality. In the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing each of our debut authors as well as some veterans who have come along to support the project. Follow our journey as we overcome obstacles of time, money and doubt and publish now, not later.

Till next time.
Victoria Faye

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We’ve just closed the submissions for the 5 Book Anthology, and we are going to announce the books and authors soon.
Please note that all our efforts are volunteer based, an amazing effort by authors and then indie vendors that love them.
Stay tuned for more info, writing motivation and more to help you debut as a self-published author

Victoria Faye
Admin Team