The Vendors


This project has come together by a group of people looking to publish, established authors looking to help them achieve that dream and an entire staff of support people doing it simply because they love the industry. And yes, every single aspect has been volunteer.

We are so very proud of this team. Below, you will find the list of vendors outside of the authors that have been a part of this amazing lineup.


The branding was in large brought to you by our very own Victoria Faye of Wit & Ware. She also lead the team of cover designers as listed:

Melissa Stevens, Najla Qamber, Philip Benjamin and Victoria Faye.


Lead by our courageous Crystal Bryant, our team of editors for all five books are:

Bridgette O’Hare, Jessica Nelson, Bethany Adams, Shantele Summa Martin, Candy Smith, Elisabeth Kauffman, Heidi Lea, Sharon Rose Mayes, Ashley Bodette, Caitlyn McCrea, Tia Silverthorne, Bach Angela Trumbo.


Blue Deco Publishing

With contributions from: